Diversity: the condition or fact of being different.
The term seems to be overused in the past few years for not the right reason. It has become almost a swear word. 
Diversity has many faces: biological, ethical, social, cultural, ideological, geographical, mental, spiritual, lingual, generations, religious, ability, experience, education..
I was already asked if I've chosen this name because I'm a woman. The answer is no. The reason I named my business Diversity because of the variety of services that I'm offering to my customers.
My name is Timea and I'm a self taught everything. Due to the fact, that I've worked as a system engineer in the past almost 8 years I have been working during the days, evenings, weekends, just endless hours. I was unable to start a school with such a schedule, so I started self studies. Now, with the worldwide pandemic school education got even more difficult. I even lost my job due to the virus. Luckily online education is not influenced by pandemic and I will continue my journey. Having an online presence is even more important then before. I am building mine and I would like to help you to build yours. 
Lets work together and make this world a bit more diverse!
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